Meyer Lemon Marmalade

My husband and I bought our first house in October 2010. With this new home came an amazing meyer lemon tree. When the fruit was ready to be picked last year we were in the middle of construction. Long hours of around the clock demolition and rebuilding left little time for finding a creative use for the lemons, however I did find time to enjoy many citrus vodka and soda’s with a huge slice of meyer lemon

This year I couldn’t wait for the fruit to turn bright yellow.  This harvest I wanted to try my hand at making meyer lemon marmalade.  I borrowed all the canning supplies from my friends who make amazing pickles and set off to my backyard.  I was able to pick around 8 ripe lemons which gave me about 5 pounds of fruit.  I googled many recipes but found to be the most helpful.  I followed her instructions minus letting the lemons soak overnight.  I also decided to add a box of fruit pectin to ensure a good set for my first attempt…..or so I thought [gallery columns="2" ids="254,255,256,257,258"]

I was so happy to get the marmalade into the jars!  Everything looked and smelled amazing, but then it hit me….I forgot to DOUBLE the sugar!!!  AHHHHHHHH!! Why didn’t I keep a lemon for my cocktail?

Back to the computer to figure out how to fix my mistake.  Fortunately, or unfortunately, I’m not the only one who has been in this situation.  gave me all the details on how to fix my runny marmalade.  I had to dump all of my marmalade back into my pot and re-sanitize my jars.  Lucky for me I was still having fun!

I added more sugar into my batch and turned the heat back on.  FINALLY the marmalade started to “gel” and I knew this time would work.  While my marmalade was slightly more amber in color, the taste was DELICIOUS!   These made great gifts for my family and neighbors for Christmas.
I’ve since made a second batch and didn’t forget to DOUBLE the sugar.  I’ve definitely caught the “canning bug” and cannot wait for tomato season!  Looks like it’s time to purchase my own canning kit.

Amy Runyan

1324 Lake Baldwin Ln, Orlando, FL, 32814, United States