Park Avenue Fashion Week "event crawl"

College students, brides to be, and office workers have the "PUB crawl" but last week here in Central Florida I experienced the Park Avenue Fashion week "event crawl".  Fashionable events, trunk shows, designer showcases, fundraising happy hours, all in one weeks time.  This girl lived on champagne and tasty appetizers!  Those are two of the major food groups, right?

Here are some of the highlights from the week!

While waiting for my Orlando Fashion Society friends at LUMA, I was sipping my champagne enjoying the sites when I started to hear the unmistakable thump of a marching band.  The streets were closed off, but I assumed it was for Fashion Week. Silly me was for Winter Park High School Homecoming Parade! I love a good parade!  The homecoming queen and king waving energetically to their fans, the cheerleaders all dancing to the same beat and the parents watching with joyful expression.  I miss Friday night football games, maybe I'll have to tag along with some of my friends with kids someday soon!  

Moving on......

You had me at HOT shirtless men outside on the red carpet!!  Traffic stopping and eye popping, SEE hosted an event called "VOIR" which featured the latest trends in eyewear.   You can find many of the looks in ELLE, GQ, and VOGUE magazines.  Gary Lambert did an AMAZING job styling the models hair and Catalina Brummer was equally as impressive with makeup!  Did I mention the Hors d'oeuvres by Truffles and delicious cocktails from Maxines on shine!   Yes please!!  Orlando Fashion Society members Catherine Sands and Michelle Marks joined me for the evening.     Congrats to everyone involved!!  This girl had fun and had to go home right after your party!  Weeeee weee weeeee weeeeee  

Amy Runyan

1324 Lake Baldwin Ln, Orlando, FL, 32814, United States